security (1).png Security
Allows to manage the interface with alarm and video surveillance systems. Integrated alarm devices: Bentel models: Kyo8, Kyo16, Kyo32, Kyo320 Brahms models: B4 - CMP16, CMP32, CMP64 Tecnoalarm models: TP16-256, TP8-64 Bus (protocol Tecnoout) Elkron models: MP508TG Aritech models: Master Advisor Honeywell Galaxy Dimension models Siemens SPC And also: AVS, Inim, Urmet
 intercom.png Door Communication and PBX
Allows ThinKnx clients to receive VoIP calls coming from devices with VoIP technology, such as: VoIP telephones, IP intercoms (Mobotix, 2N, Comelit, TCS). Enables also the VoIP PBX (SIP Server) function that handles VoIP calls on the server.
 automation.png Automation
Allows to manage the interface with external systems that do not use the KNX protocol and enables also the Ethernet gateway. Integrated systems: Gateway function from and to MODBUS-RTU (serial or TCP/IP) Devices with MODBUS RTU communication protocol (thermal power stations, special equipment, fire, electrical meters) such as FCC-PLANTEC, RDZ, Menerga Sanyo air-conditioning Mitsubishi air-conditioning Bidirectional communication with LutronHomeWorks processors, control of Lutron outputs from ThinKnx and from KNX, control of KNX from Lutron keypads.
 Hue.png Philips Hue
It allows to control the Philips Hue lights from KNX bus. In the ThinKnx system different rules can be created to control Hue elements (lights or groups) from KNX and to receive feedbacks from them. It is possible to simulate RGB elements or white lamps with presettable light temperature. Created elements can be integrated into scenes and controlled by KNX devices.
 zwave.png Z-Wave
It allows to seamlessly control wireless devices from KNX and viceversa permitting to have a convenient turnkey solution also for restorations or where KNX is not usable.
 MyHome.png BTicino MyHome
It allows the bidirectional connection of MyHome BTicino plants to KNX plants. Through easy-to-fit tables it is possible to set matching among the messages coming from the two worlds. The device makes possible the control of KNX devices from MyHome buttons and viceversa, allowing the creation of unique supervisions for the complete integration of the two systems.
 Lutron.png Lutron
It allows the bidirectional connection of Lutron plants to KNX plants. The integration allows to associate KNX groups to Lutron lights, making the devices in the Lutron plant controllable from KNX buttons or supervision. The Brickbox makes possible also the control of KNX devices from Lutron buttons, allowing the creation of unique supervisions for the complete integration of the two systems.
 av.png Audio Video
Allows to manage audio and video devices installed in the plant. It enables also the serial gateway and Ethernet gateway features allowing the creation of custom commands in order to interface with most of the devices on the market. Supported systems: Audiofy Sonos players Tutondo Multiroom audio/video matrix, Autopatch, Kramer, Atlona (through serial interface) NEC, Sanyo projectors, LG monitors (through serial interface) Denon, Onkyo, Cambrige Audio receivers (through serial or network interface)
 graphs.png Reports
Allows to generate reports that can be sent via mail in listing and graphical form. The server can also collect data that can be consulted in real-time directly from the user interface through interactive and responsive charts. The multitude of plotting options and the possibility to include more data sets in the same chart allows to deeply analyze the behaviour of the building and to find correlations between habits of the inhabitant and results in term of energy consumption and efficiency.
 web.png Web
Enables control via web browser. It is useful when there is no native software on the client.

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